Lower Back Pain Treatment in Park Ridge, NJ

Lower Back Pain

A man with lower back pain.

Your lower back is responsible for a variety of tasks, including supporting you as you walk, bend, and lift items throughout your day. When it is injured or hurting, managing those tasks can become a very difficult feat. In this guide provided by our team at Park Ridge Chiropractic, you’ll learn what might be causing your lower back pain and how chiropractic care can help.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

If your lower back is hurting, there could be many reasons why. Everything you do – from working to sleeping – can lead to lower back pain. Some of the most common causes, however, include the following:

  • Overuse injuries due to repetitive twisting movement or heavy lifting
  • Sitting at work for most or all of the day
  • Injuries, including work injuries, car accident injuries, sports injuries, and even falls at home
  • Practicing poor posture
  • Herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Sprains and strains
  • Sleeping in odd positions or sleeping on a non-supportive mattress
  • Being on your feet for long periods, especially without supportive shoes
  • Misalignment of the spine
  • Arthritis

Risk Factors Associated With Lower Back Pain

As so many things can lead to lower back pain, anyone of any age can experience it. However, some are at a higher risk of developing it than others, including those who:

  • Are pregnant or overweight, as the excess weight puts strain on the spine
  • Have very physically demanding jobs
  • Have sedentary jobs
  • Have a weakened core, as the core muscles help support the spine

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Sometimes, lower back pain will go away on its own in a couple of days with rest. However, this is typically only true if the pain is due to an event like overusing your back muscles during the weekend to do yard work, move, or something similar.

As so many cases of back pain are related to an underlying issue, such as misalignment or nerve compression, it’s wise to seek low back pain treatment in the form of chiropractic care as soon as possible.

Chiropractic care is a safe and natural method of addressing lower back pain. A large part of its effectiveness in providing lasting relief is that it is designed to treat the underlying cause of the pain – not just mask your symptoms. This is done through a variety of methods, including:

  • Spinal adjustments to restore and maintain proper alignment of the spine
  • Soft tissue therapy to address tension, and scar tissue, restore range of motion, and more
  • Spinal decompression to stretch the spine and relieve nerve compression
  • Corrective exercises to help stretch and strengthen weakened and damaged areas of the back

Such techniques not only provide relief but promote the body’s natural healing abilities to keep the pain away.

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