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Sports Injury

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When dealing with a sports injury, the options for treatment don’t exclusively vary between surgery and “grin and bear it” options. There are other options out there, including trusting your treatment with a sports chiropractor, like our team at Park Ridge Chiropractic in Park Ridge, NJ. We have the knowledge and experience to treat and overcome most sports injuries. We use a combination of chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, target treatment, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling to take a holistic approach to injury recovery in place of invasive treatments.

What to Expect in Sports Injury Treatment

Because our team believes in taking a holistic approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation, you’ll find all your sports injury needs to be addressed in one location. We understand that athletics involves repetitive motions that put abnormal wear and tear demands on the body. However, we also understand different treatment approaches need to be utilized to ensure your body not only gets the treatment it needs but also recovers in less time.


This may sound like a typical chiropractic method, but it is also incredibly necessary for an athlete who is dealing with an injury and can’t completely recover on their own through traditional rest and stretching exercises. Those both serve a purpose. However, the physical demands put on your joints and muscles also need to be addressed. This is where our adjustment protocols come in. We will tailor your treatment, whether it’s related to your neck, spine, hips, or something else, to meet your needs. You will know you are getting the treatment you need to recover.


Not everything sports-related involves pain. Sometimes, to be proactive, we need to address prior injuries to ensure they don’t happen again. This is where Dr. Kahanec can help you with past injuries and make sure you have the attention and techniques needed to prevent similar injuries from occurring again.


As an athlete, you’re well aware of how important nutrition is to your success. Sometimes, though, we forget that nutrition is a moving target and we have to adjust what we put into our bodies based on what our bodies actually need, whether that’s through demand, age, or overall health. Let our team help you avoid inflammatory foods that may increase your risk of sports injuries.

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